Dragon Birthday Cake

3 tiered birthday cake. Bottom tier white chocolate mud cake with white chocolate ganache.

Middle tier lemon cake filled with lemon cream and lemon buttercream

Top tier vanilla sponge filled with jam and vanilla frosting

Angry Birds Birthday Cake

Angry Birds Cake

Vanilla sponge filled with jam and Cloud Cupcake Land's signature frosting!

SpongeBob Birthday Cake

Vanilla sponge with Cloud Cupcake Land's signature buttercream, covered in fondant and colours spray painted on.

Fondant Topped Lemon Cupcakes

Fondant Topped Lemon Cupcakes

Lemon cupcakes with lemon frosting topped with silver edged fondant flowers and dragees

Dennis The Menace

Dennis the Menace Exploding Cake

Vanilla sponge with Rice Krispy Treat Dennis exploding out!

Golf Cake

Golf Cake

60th birthday cake for an avid golfer

Kon The Lion

A birthday Lion Cake for a special little boy. Inspired by the Lion from the comic 'Bleach'

Phoebe's Mermaid

A mermaid for a special girl!

Vanilla sponge filled with fruit jam and vanilla buttercream. Decorated with hand coloured fondant and handmade decorations.

Sweet Sixteen

Cloud Cupcake Land's first official order! Chocolate Cupcakes and Strawberry Cupcakes customised as per the customers wishes!

These were made for a Sweet Sixteen birthday party.


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